Aizur was a Lethean male born in the 29th century who served as a Starfleet temporal agent in the 25th century.

Early Life

Records dealing with Aizur have been classified so nothing is known about his formative years except that he was born in the early 29th century and received training in stealth operations and intelligence gathering amongst other skills. At some point he joined Starfleet and was trained as a temporal agent. He was then placed in the early 25th century to secretly aid Klingon Intelligence against time-altering efforts by the Temporal Liberation Front.

Agent of the Empire

With his unique set of skills and a creative backstory, Aizur was tasked by Klingon Intelligence with the formation of a special, covert unit mainly composed of non-Klingon agents as their tasks would often stand at odds with traditional Klingon views of honor. Thus the QIn tuq (meaning "spearhead clan") was born. The unit specialized in insurgency tactics and preceded the Klingon Defense Force before major engagements during the Iconian War and the Temporal Cold War.

As a temporal agent, Aizur was attached to the USS Pendulum and technically served under Captain Itav Ch'prai. Additional details about Aizur's life have been scrubbed from records.

Service Record