Arthur Ryan Matthews was a human Starfleet officer who served in the 23rd century. He was a decorated officer, having risen to the rank of Commodore, and served in Starfleet for 45 years.

Early Career

Arthur Matthews originally of Earth, entered Starfleet Academy in 2240. He excelled in scientific studies, with a focus on Astrophysics. He graduated as Valedictorian of the Class of 2244, and was accepted for a research fellowship with the Vulcan Science Academy. 3 years later, Matthews departed Vulcan and was accepted to an assignment aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captains Robert April and later Christopher Pike.

In 2257, then Lieutenant Commander Matthews took an assignment aboard the USS Dauntless, serving under the command of Captain Diego Reyes.  Aboard the Dauntless, Lt. Cmdr. Matthews served as a specialist in Astronomical Phenomenon. He served aboard the Dauntless until 2265, when he accepted the First Officer position aboard the USS Pioneer at the request of Captain Garrett. In 2270, Captain Garrett was promoted to the rank of Admiral, and recommended then Commander Matthews for his first command and promotion to the rank of Captain. At the end of 2270, newly promoted Captain Matthews accepted command of the USS Independence.


Ryan Matthews 035

Captain Matthews & landing party (2270)

Captain Matthews served aboard the USS Independence as the commanding officer from 2270 until 2281. After the shakedown cruise was completed in 2271, Captain Matthews was assigned to his first 5 year mission. The mission was interrupted on two occasions, the first being the V’ger incident in 2273, in which the Independence was recalled to Earth, but did not arrive before the incident was resolved by Admiral Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. The second interruption occurred in 2275, when a minor skirmish occurred between several Starfleet and Klingon vessels near the Neutral Zone. The Independence suffered moderate damage, and concluded her 5 year mission early in order to return to Spacedock for refit.

In 2276, Matthews was promoted to the rank of Commodore by Fleet Admiral Nogura. He was then assigned his second 5 year mission, most of which occurred in the vicinity of the Klingon Neutral Zone. In 2281, at the conclusion of his second 5 year mission, Commodore Matthews stepped down from command of the Independence, promotion and commensurate command being assigned to his First Officer.

The Academy

In 2282, Commodore Matthews accepted the position of Commandant of Starfleet Academy, and also taught and lectured in the School of Astrophysics at the Daystrom Institute. He served in the post until 2285, when Starfleet Commander Morrow requested him to command a mission.

The Final Mission

In 2285, Commodore Matthews was assigned to a reconnaissance mission to the Taurus Reach, an area of space that had been abandoned by Starfleet after a failed mission there in the late 2260s. He was tasked with continued exploration of the region which was still widely unsettled and which had previously been contested by the Klingons and Tholians. In 2286, Starfleet lost contact with the Independence after it came under attack by an unknown force. The Independence was lost with all hands. Starfleet suspected the Tholians destroyed the Independence, however the evidence was circumstantial. After the loss of the Independence, Starfleet Command abandoned any further attempts to re-enter the Taurus Reach.

Commodore Matthews graduated Starfleet Academy in 2244 and in his 29 years of service was decorated as follows: