Bo'waS was a Klingon female born in the 29th century who served in Starfleet.

Early Life

Born and raised in the Solanae Dyson Sphere, Bo'waS's parents were engineering officers stationed at the Noonian Soong Spire and they raised their daughter on Klingon ballads. This instilled in her a great love of history and pushed her towards studying history and temporal mechanics at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Career

After service at New Khitomer station and aboard the USS Tempo, Bo'waS was assigned as the chief temporal officer aboard the USS Pendulum. Her duties involved overseeing the temporal operatives assigned to the vessel and the early 25th century.

Service Record

  • 2840-: USS Pendulum, as chief temporal officer.
  • 2837-2840: USS Tempo, as assistant temporal officer.
  • 2830-2837: New Khitomer Station