Planned and constructed by the Delta Alliance and the Krenim, the Kyana Research Station was a lab for developing temporal technologies to aid in the war against the Iconians. As a redundancy in case the Iconians ever managed to find and destroy the facility, Starfleet Command tasked Ktarn Fleet with constructing the Delta Foundry, codenamed “The Hourglass.” It was a sister facility to the Kyana Research Station and was also located in the Delta Quadrant near Krenim space. Many personnel were transferred to “The Hourglass” from the Noonian Soong Spire in order to expedite construction and research. Both the spire and the Delta Foundry continued to develop new technologies with which to supply the fleet during the Iconian War. However, with the end of the Iconian War, research at “The Hourglass” and the Soong Spire turned toward peacetime projects.