This here is where you would put the biographical information for Example Person. You'd talk about where they grew up, how they came to join Starfleet Academy/KDF/Romulan Republic, what they like to do in their free time, stuff like that.

Oh, also, please try and use a somewhat common abbreviation when shortening ranks. Don't shorten Lieutenant Commander to LieuComm or something. Go with LtCmdr. or LtCdr. or something. Same with Admirals. Make it VAdm or Vice Adm. not ViceAdmir.

Service History

If you want, you can also list their service history. Try to keep it in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest), since that's generally the convention for things like this, like resumes and stuff.

  • RRW Example, Ha'apax-class advanced warbird (variant)
  • RRW Cyborg, APU cruiser
  • RRW Romulans, D'deridex-class warbird battle cruiser
  • RRW Remans, Valdore-class heavy warbird
  • USS Azure (NCC-11111), Ambassador-class support cruiser
  • RRW Oldship, T'liss-class light warbird