"Maybe you put a quote here from your captain about your ship or something." - Lt. Ch'gargh, upon seeing this page.

This is where you put the history of your ship. Its service history, battles its fought in, that sort of thing.

Maybe if it's named after someone, like the USS Picard (NCC-98765), hyperlink it out to the Memory Alpha or Memory Beta article, or Wikipedia if its a real world thing.

If you named your ship the USS Galactica or the USS Forward Unto Dawn, instead of linking to the BSG Wiki or Halopedia, I challenge you to be creative and come up with some sort of in-universe reason. C'mon, I bet it'll be fun! Or, if you really want to, mention that it's a tribute to an old early 21st century television series or something. But that's if you're feeling lazy. Half the fun of this Wiki is being creative!

Some suggested headings are:


Technical Information 

Command Crew 

Embarked Craft

And don't forget to add the applicable categories for the type of ship and its affiliations.