Itav Ch'prai (pronounced iːtɑːv tʃpraɪ) was an Andorian male born in the 29th century who served as a temporal operative in Starfleet.

Early Life

Born on New Khitomer in the early 29th century, Itav was a descendant of Keval Ch’prai, friend and brother-in-law of Radzon Tos. Itav joined Starfleet and served aboard the USS Poh under Captain S’eeris. He married Thevya Elell in 2836 and the couple had three children. 

Past Assignment

A long-term assignment took Itav to the mid-23rd century. He served in Starfleet and gained command of his own starship, the USS Boanerges. He was presumed killed at the Battle of Caleb IV, but in reality was extracted shortly before his death. After re-acclimating to his native century he was once more assigned to the USS Poh, this time as executive officer under Captain S’eeris.

Back in Command

Shortly after the Na’kuhl assault on history began, Itav was given his own command, the timeship USS Pendulum, and assigned to Temporal Squadron 2400 (TEMPRON-2400) under the command of Vice Admiral Soy'ar Rayeyo. Itav works with Benjamin Walker and the USS Pastak as part of the squadron's mission to maintain the integrity of the 25th century.

Service Record