Olivia Lilly Avalet

Early Career and Disappearance

Much of Olivia's past and career has been lost to history. She served aboard a Pioneer-class Utility Cruiser in the late 2260s, under Captain Kroner. She herself was involved with an unnamed temporal agent during the Battle of Caleb IV, where her ship was destroyed with all hands. She was declared dead by Starfleet Command, and her file sealed on the order of the Office of the President. The reasons why were unknown.


A Starfleet officer matching Olivia's description surfaced in 2408, where she was assigned to the Eclipse-class Intelligence Cruiser USS Pale Moonlight under Captain Jessica Fry. It is worth noting that Captain Fry is a temporally-displaced officer, whose record has been listed as Senior Command And Above.

Olivia's Starfleet career has been mostly classified while aboard the Pale Moonlight, as revealing these records could jeopardize ongoing Starfleet Intelligence operations.

Career after SI

Olivia proved her merit during the Iconian War and Operation: Delta Rising, and was given command of the Geneva-class Battlecruiser USS Arcadia. She continues to fight against the Tzenkethi with Starfleet Command, and against temporal agents as a member of Temporal Investigations.