The RRW Intraktu was a D'deridex-class warbird battle cruiser in service of the Romulan Star Empire in the 24th century until it was retrofitted and put into service in the Romulan Republic Fleet during the early 25th century.


Constructed to bolster the Imperial Romulan Navy during the Dominion War, the Intraktu only saw action at the Battle of Cardassia in late 2375. It continued in service of the Star Empire until the Hobus supernova destroyed Romulus. Admiral Taris then convinced the warbird’s captain to join her fleet. In 2391, the Intraktu aided in the defeat of a Klingon force at the Battle of Zeta Pictoris. While on patrol in the Brea system, all communication with the warbird was lost and it was presumed destroyed as of early 2400.

In truth, the crew of the Intraktu had decided to join with a fledgling movement led by D’Tan. The warbird would undergo a major retrofit and was added to the Romulan Republic Fleet under Commander Temer. When S’Vath joined the Republic Fleet, he was given command of the now-RRW Intraktu and tasked with defending the Tau Dewa Sector. The starship was also assigned to Task Force 202 of Ktarn Fleet as part of protection agreements with the Federation.

Technical Information

Command Crew

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Operations
  • Tactical
  • Engineering
    • Sucommander Liajis:
  • Science
    • Lieutenant Tol'ola:
  • Security
    • Lieutenant Aanra:
  • Medical
    • Doctor Ke'el:
  • Conn

Embarked Craft