“Forward and ever upward.”

The RRW Temkhuae was an Aves-class science destroyer in service with the Romulan Republic Fleet during the early 25th century.


Developed under the auspices of Dyson Sphere Joint Command, the Aves-class was the culmination of discoveries made at the Solanae Dyson Sphere. One of the first out of the Republic Fleet Yards, the RRW Temkhuae was put under the command of the Reman scientist Tzenek. Due to the cooperative nature of Dyson Sphere Joint Command, Tzenek and the Temkhuae were attached to Ktarn Fleet and stationed at the Noonian Soong Spire of the Solanae Sphere. During the Iconian War, the warbird often moved between the Soong Spire and the new Delta Foundry, transporting personnel and technologies to aid in more coordinated development amongst the fleet research facilities.

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