The RRW Vayeate was a Scimitar-class dreadnought warbird in service of the Romulan Republic Fleet during the early 25th century.


Built after the manner of Shinzon's Scimitar, the RRW Vayeate was partially constructed by the Reman Resistance before being turned over to Republic engineers shortly after settlement began on Mol'Rihan. While working to complete the warbird to the Scimitar's specifications, Republic engineers developed minor improvements that were implemented in a new design, the Tulwar-class. Once completed, the Vayeate was placed under the command of Tyndaris Vreenak and assigned to defend Republic space. As the Romulan Republic grew and gained allies, the Vayeate served in many joint operations with the Klingon Defense Force.

Technical Information

As the ships were of Reman design, dreadnought warbirds were more angular when compared to the curved shapes of Romulan warbirds. One other distinctive feature was the warp nacelles being located on the main hull, where most Romulan vessels carried the nacelles on the wings. The main hull was also more square and stubby than traditional Romulan vessels.

Scimitar-class warbirds were large, being 890 meters long with a wingspan of 1,350 meters. As one of the class, the Vayeate wielded 52 plasma beam banks and 27 plasma torpedo tubes. In addition, the warbird carried 40 Scorpion-class fighters. The Vayeate was also fitted with an advanced cloaking device which was undetectable by any previously known means and could also be operated while maintaining full shields and briefly firing weapons.

Command Crew

Embarked Craft