“She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.” – Han Solo

The SS Venetian was a Tuffli-class freighter in service to Ktarn Fleet in the 25th century.


One of the first ships off the line from the rebuilt Cardassian Union shipyards, the Gilora served in helping to rebuild the sector after the Dominion War. It began to show its age around 2400 and was sold into private hands. It was renamed the SS Venetian and continued to serve near Deep Space 9. It was eventually acquired by Lieutenant Linor for Ktarn Fleet and served as the fleet’s main supply ship. The USS Gondolier, commanded by Commander Janko Zupan, served as escort for the Venetian during the Undine and Iconian Wars.

Technical Information

Command Crew

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
    • Lieutenant Junior grade Voenowt
  • Engineering
    • Osvaldo
  • Medical
    • Pusash

Embarked Craft