The unnamed species, known to the Federation colloquially as Sixty-Sixers, hail from the rogue planet 2307 RT66.

While their homeworld, a rogue planet, had been known to Federation astronomers since 2307, it only became of any true interest to the Federation following the Hobus event. Within 100 lightyears of Hobus when the star went nova, the normally pitch-black planet suddenly became fully illuminated, causing a severe disruption in the theretofore unknown native species.

Had it not been for a passing Federation Oberth-class science vessel, the USS Winchester, the Sixty-Sixers would likely have gone extinct. The Winchester, on a mission to observe the Hobus nova, deviated slightly from their course, as ordered by the captain to sate her curiosity, and passed within 0.1 AU of 2307 RT66, as the planet had never been surveyed.

Preliminary survey scans detected almost one billion life signs on the planet, prompting the Winchester to call to Starfleet for evacuation ships. The Winchester, utilizing old-style radio transmissions via her deflector, was able to establish first contact with the species.