Soy'ar Rayeyo was a Caitian-Ferasan male born in the 29th century who served as a temporal officer in Starfleet.

Early Life

While on an assignment for the Daystrom Institute, the Caitian scientist Dayis Scharf met a reserved Ferasan starship captain named R'vo'm'Io Rayeyo. The two fell in love and eventually settled on Qo'noS. Five years later Soy'ar was born. He was raised on Qo'noS, learning many stories of Klingon battles and honor which would deeply influence his personal views.

Starfleet Career

After completing two years at the academy on Qo'noS, Soy'ar transferred to the main Starfleet Academy on Earth. He graduated third in his class and became an operative within the Temporal Defense Initiative.

Soy'ar was promoted to captain and given his first command, the Wells-class timeship USS Bov, in 2830. A decade later he was promoted to rear admiral.

In 2842 Admiral Rayeyo was promoted to vice admiral and given command of Temporal Squadron 2400 (TEMPRON-2400), which he named the "Time Bandits" after an old Earth film. The squadron oversaw the maintenance of the timeline in the 25th century and was comprised of the USS Bov, USS Pastak, USS Pendulum, USS Ikenga, and USS Tempo, with Soy'ar commanding from the USS Moerae.

Service Record