The Stories of Star Trek Online

Space. The final frontier. These are your voyages. Your continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

These are the stories of the officers of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic who have traveled to one side of the galaxy and back again, who have fought side-by-side, as allies, with old rivals and old enemies to stare down extermination, who have braved the unknown to save the galaxy.

These are your stories. Your ships. Your crew.

Make sure history never forgets your name.


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0. Example Person, Example Planet and Example Ship pages have been provided for your convenience.

1. You're welcome to post anything and everything about your ships and characters. But keep them Star Trek-y. Would the details you're thinking of adding ever be brought up in a Star Trek series or movie? Or Star Trek Online? No? Then don't post them. It's really not important to mention that your character once had a threesome with two Orion slave girls.

2. Don't edit anyone else's pages. Ever. Actually, this should be rule 1.

3. Ships must have their registry in parentheses after their name. (e.g. USS Bryan Fuller (NCC-12345), never USS Bryan Fuller.) For Klingon and Romulan characters, put the affiliated character's name in the parentheses, instead of the registry. Why should your USS Butterface be more important than someone else's? If we do run into two USS Butterface NCC-666, we'll figure something out. (example: USS Discovery (NCC-91031)).

  • 3A: For KDF and Romulan characters, since they don't have registries, they should follow the same format as characters, per rule 4 below, that is: "IKS Gagh (L'oki, son of Laufei)". Again, if we run into two instances of "RRW Hobus (Fartsarefunnie)", we'll figure it out.
  • 3B: To find the class of a ship, base it on what most of the "major" parts are (hull, saucer, nacelles, mission pod; not pylons). If you have a Sentinel-class, but with Emissary-class nacelles, it's a Sentinel-class (variant). If it's a "mix-and-match" ship, base the class on either the saucer or the hull, whichever you'd prefer, just remember to throw on the (variant) tag. If it's 100% Galaxy-class (even if you have "Galaxy refit" nacelles), it's Galaxy-class.

4. If you create pages for bridge officers, regardless of the uniqueness of their name, you must put the affiliated characters full name in parentheses after their name, e.g. Zzxklopiosa (Dan Smith Beewhyyoo); Elisa Flores (A-aron Balakay). If we run into two A-aron Balakays, then, again, we'll figure something out. (example: Elisa Flores (Ghr Hth T'kr)).

  • 4A: Feel free to create a page for your alien species' homeworld, and the species themselves...if they are alien. Even if you custom-made a Romulan "alien" for the Klingon campaign, don't create a "Romulan" and "Rator" or "Virinat" page. We already know all about those. Now, if they're from Hobus Observation Station 17A, then go ahead.

5. When uploading pictures of your ships and/or characters, title them along the lines of "USS Bryan Fuller (NCC-12345) - Iconia beauty shot" or "Elisa Flores (A-aron Balakay) sitting on the bridge". Something like that.

6. Do not create pages for story NPCs (e.g. Eric Cooper, Akira Sulu) or in-game events or missions (e.g. Iconian War, Crystalline Catastrophe). I mean, come on, this is just common sense.

7. Admins reserve the rights to add, delete or alter these rules accordingly and without notification so read the rules every once in a while. But because we're nice people, we'll try and make some sort of notice on the front page about an alteration.

8. If any of you reading this are well-versed in Wiki coding, message me.