Tval was born on Vulcan to a traditional Vulcan family. His father was a warp theorist, and he raised Tval with the same path in mind. As Tval grew up, he showed a great affinity for technology, and he excelled in his studies. However, he also had an unending love for exploration. This did not please his father, especially when Tval decided to join Starfleet. Grudgingly giving permission, Tval’s father hoped that the rigors of the Academy would somehow discourage his fiery spirit.

A few years before the outbreak of the Dominion War, Tval was assigned to the USS Galar as its chief engineer. He would serve in that position through the war and played a pivotal role in the Battle of Starbase 45. For his efforts, Tval was promoted to commander and became the executive officer of the Galar. He eventually took command of the vessel after it was refit as a dreadnought cruiser in 2405.

By the end of the 24th Century, Tval had become the executive officer of Ktarn Fleet and was responsible for many of the fleet’s operations. He continued to serve in the position throughout the Undine and Iconian Wars.

Service Record