"Art without Engineering is dreaming. Engineering without Art is Calculating." ~ from the ship's dedication plaque

The USS Bayern is a 25th Century Reliant class starship operated by Starfleet, and named for the state of Bavaria (Bayern in German) in Germany on Earth. The Bayern is currently commanded by Captain Lot'ar Moket.


The USS Bayern launched in 2406, and served as an exploratory vessel for 4 years. As the Starfleet Corps of Engineers adopted the Reliant Class as it's preferred ship, based on it's multi-mission capabilities, several Reliant Class ships were transferred to the SCE, including the Bayern.

In 2409, Captain Lot'ar Moket, a SCE instructional commanding officer, assumed command of the Bayern, and immediately commissioned it as a training vessel, assigned to Cadet Training Squadron 49, known as Yellow Squad.

The Bayern maintains a skeleton crew of commissioned Starfleet Officers for command staff positions and department oversight duties. All other positions aboard the ship are held by SCE trainees, as part of their field instruction duties within Yellow Squad.

The Bayern is currently on a training cruise in the Bajoran sector, offering SCE assistance as needed to support Bajor and Starfleet in the region.

Senior Officers

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Lot'ar Moket
  • Executive Officer: Cmdr. Tabitha Kingsley
  • Chief Engineer: Master Chief Petty Officer Bal Atohla
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Ayumi Cho
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. Krallo Demez
  • Chief Tactical Officer: Lt. Richard Ferris
  • Chief Operations Officer: SCE Trainee 1st Class Harl Maerot
  • Chief of Security: SCE Trainee 2nd Class Lloyd McKinnell