"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go into harm's way."- John Paul Jones, Dedication Plaque of the USS Brunhild


The USS Brunhild, like the sister ships of her class is named after a mythological figure from ancient Earth. Brunhild (alternatively Brynhildr) was the Chief of the Valkyries from Norse Mythology who went against Odin's wishes when deciding a war between two kings and was condemned to a life as a mortal. The Valkyries were tasked with the fate of warriors in battle, and conducting souls to Valhalla.


Iconian War

The USS Brunhild is an Icarus-class Pilot Escort commissioned and launched on stardate 87215 from ASDB Integration Facility, Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV to face the Iconian threat.

The Brunhild saw action in every theater of the war and earned the nickname "Blue Streak" for her commanding officer. The origins of this moniker stem from the Brunhild's distinctive strong blue impulse and warp trails by way of some tinkering by Chief Engineer Chiwou and an unfortunate incident involving a grossly insubordinate helmsman, an open comm channel, and her captain's ire.

The Blue Streak was a sign of hope for allies and fear for her enemies in the fury of war. The flare of her phaser banks seared enemy hulls left, right and center, leaving nothing but scrap in her wake as she blazed across the battlefield at demonic speed.

Temporal Cold War


Post-War Exploration

The crew of the Brunhild made first contact with the Lukari during an investigation of their dying star. After helping to correct the fault in their star, the Brunhild came to be the face of Federation-Lukari cooperation as the Lukari took their first steps out into a larger universe. Though the Brunhild had been born in the fires of war like her predecessor escort USS Defiant, she had now grown to accommodate the higher purposes of Starfleet, exploration, discovery and diplomacy.



The crew of the Brunhild reflected in its diversity the history and attitude of her captain. His search for the best crew he could muster, regardless of origin, led him to bring on a Nausicaan, three Romulans and a Voth over time.

Despite his journeys and motley crew, his first officer always remained his trusted friend from his academy days, Elisa Flores.