Basic Info

The USS Exeter (NCC-1672 B) is a Federation Archon Intel Assault Cruiser in Starfleet Active service during the 25th century and is the third ship to bear the name Exeter. It is the 2nd ship of the Archon Class to be built and is currently under Fleet Admiral Naomi Pitek's Command and Serves as her flagship as well

Previous USS Exeter's

USS Exeter (NCC-1672) Constitution Class: Crew killed 2268

USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A) Exeter Class: Destroyed 2410


Following the success of the USS Archon's shakedown cruise additional improvements were made to the Design and were incorporated into the construction of the Exeter. Improvements included replacement of the ships weapon arrays to use a Disruptor variant designed by the Coalition, Temporal Shielding and improvements to the ships hull armor.

Launched March 2411 the newly Commissioned USS Exeter was assigned to Fleet Admiral Naomi Pitek.


USS Exeter is crewed by 876 people and is under the command of Fleet Admiral Naomi Pitek, with Senior Staff from Admiral Pitek's previous commands.

Commander Ava is Exeter's First Officer, having known Admiral Pitek from childhood and served with her since the USS Columbia Ava is one of Admiral Pitek's most trusted friends.

Major Azumi was originally assigned to Admiral Pitek's previous command on board the USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A) at the start of the Iconion War, After months of combat Admiral Pitek has grown to know and trust Major Azumi and had Azumi assigned permanently under her command after the destruction of the USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A)

Lieutenant Commander T'Pel is Exeter's Science officer. T'Pel was one of Admiral Pitek's classmates and was assigned as Science officer during their training-cruise.

Lieutenant Commander Clayton is Chief Engineer on board the Exeter, is also one of Admiral Pitek's classmates, after the destruction of the USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A) Clayton was assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards and helped during the final months of design on the USS Archon, and during the entire construction of the Exeter. Once Admiral Pitek Was assigned as Exeter's commanding officer Clayton requested a transfer to the USS Exeter to be its Chief Engineer.

Lieutenant Commander Zoe serves as Chief Medical Officer on board, Originally assigned as a Doctor on board the USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A). Zoe showed her talent during the final battle of the Iconion War after sustaining critical damage USS Exeter (NCC-1672 A) lost the majority of its medical crew and was adrift. then-Lieutenant Zoe saved the lives of over 100 crew members working non-stop for 37 hours operating on wounded crew members including Admiral Pitek before rescue arrived.

Current Assignment

Following her shakedown cruise USS Exeter was dispatched to assist the Lukari with exploring the 20 Draconis System.

After the re-discovery of Deep Space K-13 the USS Exeter's home base was switched from Earth Space Dock to K-13 to assist in the repairs and retrofitting of the station.