“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

The USS Galar, named after the dwarf from Norse mythology, was a Galaxy-class exploration cruiser overhauled into a dreadnought cruiser, in service to Starfleet during the 24th and 25th centuries.


The Galar was completed as tensions rose between the Federation and the Dominion. Once launched it would serve through numerous battles of the Dominion War. After suffering damage while aiding in the evacuation of a Federation colony, the Galar was ordered to Earth to be decommissioned and salvaged. The old starship was stripped and the frame was used to construct a new dreadnought based on the Galaxy’s design.

After two years of construction, the Galar was relaunched as a Galaxy-class dreadnaught cruiser (colloquially known as a Galaxy X-class) and a letter was added to its registry. By this time, Tval had become a vice admiral and was given command of the refurbished vessel. It would serve as his flagship through the Klingon conflicts of the early 25th Century, Tval's promotion to full admiral, and into the Iconian War.

Technical Information

Command Crew

  • Commanding Officer
    • Admiral Tval: Vulcan male from Vulcan.
  • Executive Officer
    • Commander Anthi

Embarked Craft