“Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it.” – William Hartnell

The USS Gheryzan was an Odyssey-class Block I/T star cruiser, overhauled into a Yorktown-class Block II/S after the Iconian War, that was in service to Starfleet in the early 25th century.


In mid-2409 President Aennik Okeg was seeking a way to inspire Federation citizens and honor its member worlds. After the warm reception his decision to name a starship in honor of the Federation's recent treaty with the Romulan Republic received, President Okeg decided to name a series of Odyssey-class star cruisers after the member worlds of the United Federation of Planets. The earliest were the USS Sahving Valley (for Bajor), the USS Arpasia (for Ktaris), the USS El’nar (for Betazed), and the USS Gheryzan (for Trillius Prime). 

The Gheryzan, a Block I/T variant, was launched on stardate 83843.15, placed under the command of Captain Radzen Tos, and assigned to Ktarn Fleet, where it became part of Task Force 202. The vessel saw extensive service through the Undine and Iconian Wars, receiving significant damage during the latter conflict.

During the rebuilding of Starfleet after the war, the Gheryzan was refit into a Yorktown-class Block II/S star cruiser. Relaunched on stardate 84119.89, the starship was once again placed under the command of Captain Tos.

Technical Information

When first launched on stardate 83787.52 (3 October 2409) as a Block I/T star cruiser, the Gheryzan was 1062 meters in length, 374 meters wide, and 148 meters high. After its upgrade to a Yorktown-class, the vessel was 1,041.5 meters long, 385.32 meters wide, and 150.84 meters in height.

USS Gheryzan (NCC-97017) at Earth

A single Yoyodyne 47B M/ARC Warp Core, two Keenser/Pegg Heavy Impulse Engines, and two Inline Flux Secondary Impulse Engines (on the saucer section) served as the propulsion system on the Block II/S Gheryzan. The vessel also carried an advanced sensor package, consisting of 12 DYN-90 Multi-band Linear Sensor Suites, four Omniwave Passive Sensor Matrices, and a single JAWS Active Directional Sensor Array. Carried armaments were 21 Mk. XIV Phaser Arrays, six Variable-Payload Torpedo Launchers, and three Yoyodyne 960-B Unified Field Emitter Arrays.

USS Gheryzan (NCC-97017-A) docked

The Gheryzan's crew consisted of members of the Human, Trill, Vulcan, Klingon, Bolian, Gorn, Saurian, Bajoran, Rigelian, and Andorian species, as well as androids, exocomps, and photonics. Standard crew complement of the vessel was 2,100.

As both an Odyssey-class and Yorktown-class star cruiser, the Gheryzan carried ten shuttlecraft and six workbees. An auxiliary craft, the Aquarius-class USS Mak'ala, was also docked in the aft of the vessel.

Command Crew

Embarked Craft