"Give me Liberty, or give me death!" ~ quote from Patrick Henry on the starship dedication plaque

The USS Independence (NCC-1783) was a 23rd Century Constitution Class starship operated by Starfleet. The Independence was the first ship to bear the name, in commemoration of the end of the American Revolutionary War. The Independence was commanded by Commodore Arthur Matthews.


The Independence was commissioned in 2268 and launched at the end of 2270. It was assigned to a 5 year mission that was cut short in 2275 by a minor skirmish with the Klingons, which left the ship moderately damaged. After the battle, Independence returned to the San Francisco Fleet Yard for a refit, and was reassigned to a new 5 year mission in 2276.

Starship Independence-A 008-0

Starship Independence in 2279 (Constitution Class Refit)

The ship underwent a second five year mission under the command of Commodore Matthews, much of which was spent near the Klingon Neutral Zone. In 2281, at the conclusion of the second 5 year mission, Commodore Matthews stepped down from command and the ship was commanded by Commander Samuel Croulee.

In 2285, the ship was assigned to a special mission ordered by Fleet Admiral Morrow, commanded once again by Commodore Matthews. The Starship Independence returned to the Taurus Reach, after the initial failed mission there in the 2260s. It's mission was continued exploration and planetary survey of the Taurus Reach. The ship was lost with all hands. Starfleet suspected the Tholians, though the evidence was circumstantial.

Senior Officers (2270)

  • Commanding Officer: Commodore Arthur Matthews
  • First Officer: Cmdr. Samuel Croulee
  • Chief Engineer: Lt. Cmdr. Malcolm Duvall
  • Ship's Surgeon: Dr. Tay'ala
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. Cmdr. Grenn Tolvar
  • Weapons Officer: Lt. Derek Chester
  • Quartermaster: Ensign Michael Van Atgamel
  • Security Chief: Lt. Therin Shar'av
  • Communications Officer: Ensign Corey Spielman
  • Helm Officer: Ensign Christy Laine
  • Conn Officer: Lt. Tu'non