"As we passed on, it seemed those scenes of visionary enchantment would never have an end." ~ quote from Meriwether Lewis on the 1805 Expedition to the Pacific, from the ship's dedication plaque.

The USS Meriwether Lewis is a 25th century Manticore Class starship operated by Starfleet. The Meriwether Lewis is named for notable explorer Meriwether Lewis.


The Meriwether Lewis launched from Utopia Planitia in 2408, and served during the Klingon War and the Iconian War. It previously served as the flagship of then Rear Admiral Weston McCullough until his court martial in 2410. The Meriwether Lewis is assigned to the 9th Expeditionary Fleet, and is currently on assignment in the Delta Quadrant as part of the Delta Expedition task force.

Senior Officers

  • Commanding Officer: Cmdr. Sara Riecke
  • Executive Officer: Lt. Cmdr. Benson Ackels
  • Chief Engineer: Lt. Cmdr. Tol'ox
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Sel'aan
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. (J.G.) Broghil Kaa'lig
  • Chief Tactical Officer: Lt. Brehn Alro
  • Chief Operations Officer: Ensign Chu'lan
  • Chief of Security: Ensign Adelger Kraemer
  • Helm Officer: Lt. (J.G.) Grant Nefler
  • Conn Officer: Ensign Er'ael Sola