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The USS Mongoose, named for the Earth animal, was a Starfleet Defiant-class tactical escort retrofit variant launched stardate 79677.64 (5 September 2402). It was destroyed seven years later during the Battle of Starbase 234.


USS Mongoose (NCC-92945) plaque

Launched near the beginning of what would become the Undine War, the USS Mongoose was part of Ktarn Fleet from before it left the shipyard. It would serve as the flagship of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Viliami Vaka through battles against the Klingon Defense Force, the Tal Shiar, and the Undine. It was destroyed, with all hands lost, in the Battle of Starbase 234 when the Iconian Heralds attacked. However, the sacrifice of the Mongoose and its crew allowed the USS Gheryzan, USS Deletham, and RRW Intraktu to evacuate the station.

Technical Information

Command Crew

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
    • Commander Trephta.
  • Operations
  • Tactical and Security
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Conn

Embarked Craft