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The USS Pangolin, named for the Earth animal, was a Starfleet Hermes-class patrol escort in service from 2395 to 2409.


After the success of the USS Defiant in the Dominion War, Starfleet Command sought to emulate the best designs of that class in a new era of starships. The mobility and weaponry were combined with a more armored hull design to create a new patrol escort: the Dervish-class.

The USS Dervish, lead vessel of its class, was launched in 2379 and saw service for a decade before engineers at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards felt that the design needed an update. The new Gryphon-class incorporated much of the style and design of the Dervish-class with upgrades and knowledge gained from the service of its namesake, the Akira-class USS Gryphon.

A few years later, another class of patrol escort was commissioned to provide additional variability in the series of vessels. The lead vessel of the new Hermes-class was launched in late 2394. Two months later, construction began on the USS Pangolin at the Beta Antares Ship Yards.

The Pangolin was placed under the command of Captain Dol Paxx and officially launched on stardate 72291.43 (17 April 2395). The Bolian officer spent almost a year on the starship before transferring to teach at Starfleet Academy. Command was then given to Sysary, a newly promoted captain.

As contention rose between the Klingon Empire and the Federation in the early 2400s, the Pangolin began to see an increased amount of combat under its new assignment to Ktarn Fleet. In early 2409, the Pangolin was critically damaged during an engagement with the Undine and was decommissioned. The surviving members of her crew were reassigned.

Technical Information

The Hermes-class was the shortest variant of the patrol escorts. The saucer was carved out beginning at its smaller deflector nose. The side pylons were forward sweeping, with a lower angular center pylon. The nacelles were also the shortest of the variants, with smaller Bussard ports and a dark red Particle Aperture strip at the center front. The class's Reaction Control Thruster ports were much larger as well.

Command Crew

Embarked Craft