Weston McCullough is a human Starfleet officer in the 25th century. He is a principled Starfleet veteran who has served in Starfleet for 26 years. While he began his career as a favorite among Starfleet brass, his later years have been marred by controversy. He currently commands the USS Nehalem and is assigned to an exploratory mission in the Balancar Sector.

Early Career

Cadet McCullough

Cadet McCullough (2385)

Weston McCullough graduated Starfleet Academy in the Class of 2385. Upon graduation, McCullough, who received advanced tactical training, accepted an assignment on Earth with Starfleet Security, serving a tour of duty at Starfleet Headquarters. Within 2 years, McCullough was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. After his tour of duty with Starfleet Security, Lieutenant McCullough was ready for a new adventure and accepted a starship assignment.

McCullough served aboard 4 starships for most of his career. McCullough served as the Chief of Security, then Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Sargasso. He then was promoted to Commander, and served as the First Officer aboard the USS Watchtower during the Klingon War. During his service aboard the Watchtower, the commanding officer, Captain William Strauss, was killed in action during a battle with the Klingons. Commander McCullough assumed command, and was able to execute a tactical withdrawl from the Klingons before the ship was lost. Upon returning to Earth so the Watchtower could go into drydock for repairs, Commander McCullough was promoted to Captain and he and his crewmates from the Watchtower were assigned to the USS Corvallis.

McCullough served out the remainder of the Klingon War in command of the Corvallis, and was instrumental in exposing the Undine threat to the Federation and Klingon Empire. The Corvallis engaged the Undine in the Battle of Earth, and immediately joined the task force that was dispatched to Qo'noS when the Undine attacked there. Captain McCullough took part in the formal peace treaty ceremony on Qo'noS, where Chancellor J’mpok praised McCullough and the crew of the Corvallis for their part in the battle to save the Klingon homeworld.


Admiral McCullough

Rear Admiral McCullough (2410)

After the Battle of Earth, Captain McCullough was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) and transferred to the 9th Expeditionary Fleet at the request of Admiral Tuvok. Admirals McCullough and Tuvok were instrumental in convincing the Undine to return to Fluidic Space, and defeating the Undine agent known as Eric Cooper. With the Undine crisis abated, the 9th Expeditionary Fleet, then commanded by Vice Admiral Ryland Matthews, was assigned to exploration efforts in the Delta Quadrant. Admiral McCullough claimed the USS Meriwether Lewis as his personal flagship, and served as the Deputy Commander of the Delta Expedition under Admiral Matthews.

The Kobali Incident

During the Kobali Campaign, then Rear Admiral McCullough and Captain Harry Kim made a startling discovery about the reason the Vaadwaur were engaged in a war with the Kobali.

Rear Admiral McCullough objected to Starfleet's involvement in the Kobali's war with the Vaadwaur citing his belief that Starfleet's involvement was a violation of the Prime Directive. When ordered to commit his crew to operations on Kobali Prime, McCullough refused and returned to Earth with the USS Meriwether Lewis. Once he arrived, he relinquished command of the Meriwether Lewis by order of Commander of Starfleet, Admiral Quinn, and was called to a general courts martial for his decision.

McCullough was called before a courts martial on Stardate 94990.05 and for disobeying orders of a superior officer, was demoted to the rank of Captain. He was removed from his command position within the 9th Expeditionary Fleet, and transferred to the 12th Fleet by order of Admiral Matthews. He was then assigned to command the USS Sargasso, a ship he had previously served aboard, and dispatched to a deep space assignment in the Beta Quadrant.

The Iconian War

Upon the outbreak of war with the Iconians, the Nehalem was assigned to joint fleet operations in the Azure Sector, defending the Romulan Republic. The Sargasso was recalled to Starbase 234 and assigned to the defense fleet there. When the Iconians attacked New Romulus, a fleet engaged Starfleet at Starbase 234. The Sargasso was fatally damaged, eventually succumbing to it's damage. The ship was destroyed, but the crew managed to escape to Starbase 234 unharmed. Starfleet dismissed the standard procedure of a court martial in the wake of a ship lost due to the ship being lost in combat during wartime.

In late 2411, Captain McCullough was assigned to take command of the newly constructed USS Nehalem, and began a shakedown cruise in the Celes Sector.

Captain Weston McCullough has served in Starfleet for 26 years and has been decorated by Starfleet as follows: